HEMA haul!

I did lots of shopping in Bruges and most of it will probably go into one post.

However, one haul I wanted to keep separate was the first shop on my todo list while there – HEMA.

I discovered HEMA not long after my last trip for Bruges and was gutted to find out that there had been one there that I’d missed! All that stationery that I’d been walking past nearly every day!

Unfortunately, they were in the middle of revamping their stationery area and so there was no washi when I went the first time and only about half their total stationery range the second time I went… boo! That didn’t stop me from picking up a few cute bits though…

IMG_5104Quite restrained really.

So the first thing I noticed was that naturally everything was that little bit cheaper over there. The letter stickers for instance were just one Euro and are £1.50 back here.

The paper pack at the bottom is a really nice thick set and should make some cute dividers for possibly my Kikki K as I’m still using the ones that it came with at the moment. The fineliners were only three Euros and are pretty good (much better than the HEMA gel pen I bought a while ago) and comparable to other more expensive fineliners I own. The punches too are pretty good for the money – two Euros each if I remember correctly. I’m quite excited to use the self adhesive foil sheets which I’ll probably use with the punches to create some cute stickers with.

As you can see I stayed clear of sticky notes. A) because they’re not all that sticky and B) I’m seriously at breaking point with my sticky note collection. Although I am with stickers too but I use more stickers than I do sticky notes currently.

Only a little haul but I couldn’t resist sharing! I’m not back in London until possibly September so this visit will have to keep me going until then (I know you can order online and I have done in the past but there’s nothing better than actually seeing it all in the shop).

Em x

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