My Weeks 27 & 28

A bit more decoration this week and some playing with stamps…

The first week was very busy as I only had one day off but I’m on countdown now until I change jobs and get every weekend off (I’ll also just be working office hours, no more lates and earlies)!

my weeks 1

I’m loving the daily checklist stickers still although am struggling to actually do all of them… but it’ll happen. I did a little bit more stamping and you’ll see on Friday the payday stamp sticker I made. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen this already. Basically I took some of the sheets of this Masking Sticker Set and used the little diary planner stamps I picked up from Ebay ages ago and basically made little custom stickers. It’s nothing groundbreaking but for someone who isn’t very good at stamping yet, allowing me to stamp stickers instead of straight onto my planner takes a little bit of the stress out of it. The little ‘today’ post it note also on Friday is from My Mind’s Eye and is such awesome quality! Lovely paper, great design and actually sticks! I love it when I find great quality post its! It does now mean I’ll end up rarely using these though as I’ll want to save them.

my weeks

There’s a little less going on in this week, partly because Monday and Tuesday were on a page from the previous month and partly because of the hen weekend! The lettering is from the HEMA set I picked up in Belgium and they’re good little stickers. The big pink post it is one of those super sticky post its. I wanted the pack in shades of blue and green but I kept getting sent the wrong colours from Amazon – if anyone knows where I can get the green and blue set from please let me know!

Em x

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