My Little Box June

This post is a little later than normal due to the box being delayed but when I saw this month’s selection, I didn’t mind too much!

Every month I seem to love this box more and more thanks to it’s great variety of items with fab themes. This month’s theme was the French Riviera.


For a start there’s another great A5 card in this month’s box which will probably go in my Saffiano as a dashboard.

The two bag type things are, well, just that really. They’re meant to be plant pot holders but work great as cute storage.  I’ve got the little one on my desk for random bits and the larger one is used for shop stock storage.

The sunglasses are a surprising addition to the box. They’re a little flimsy feeling and I’m not entirely convinced they suit me but since my Karen Millen’s broke last year (sob) I’ve needed a second pair as I like to keep one pair with me and one in the car.

This month’s My Little Beauty item is a body exfoliator. I’m really bad at remembering to do this and seem to have almost as many exfoliators knocking around as I do body moisturisers. However, I really like this. It’s got a nice rough texture to it which I much prefer – the last one I used was a Clarins one and it just didn’t feel harsh enough – and the scent is nice and mild. I can’t really comment on how good the product is though as I’ve never really been able to see much of a difference using exfoliators – possibly because I don’t use them regularly enough?

Another Kerastase product from MLB and another hit for me. This is a heat protector serum/cream that you apply straight onto wet hair before blow drying and I love it! It makes my hair feel lovely after blow drying and not at all dried out15. I think I need to invest in some Kerastase products soon as everything of theirs I’ve tried so far has worked brilliantly.

The final item is a loved by Sarah Lavoine and I’m beginning to love this girl. The lip balm/tint from last month was fantastic and this is too.


This is just one coat (four days after application with no top coat, hence the chips) and look how nice the colour is! I did actually get a comment at work that it matched my Filo and other comments about how nice the colour is. The brush is nice and easy to use and I actually managed to paint my nails with little to no horrific messes around the cuticles – result!

Another month, another great box. Well done My Little Beauty.

Em x 

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