Setting up my first Erin Condren Life Planner

I finally did it. I gave in and ordered one.

Like with the Kikki K I didn’t really see what all the fuss about with ECLP. It seemed to have sprang up from nowhere as the planner of choice for well, everyone. Even those dedicated to their rings were cutting up the planner and hole punching it. There’s millions of stickers available for it too – from headers to cover the titles to rectangles to cover up whole boxes. People are going mad for them!

One thing that I didn’t like about the planner was the cost. $50 for the planner, plus $20 shipping, plus the threat of customs is quite a lot for a planner you use for a year and then cast aside. Thankfully, they had a sale just before they released their new planners and had ready to ship planners at half price. Using a referral code I was able to get the planner plus shipping for just $35. Bargain! Plus, no customs!

eclp front

It arrived pretty quickly and came in a lovely box bundled with this lovely stack of stickers.

I am a massive fan of ring bound planners and I do like this a lot. The quality of the paper and dividers is an awful lot better than I was expecting. I intend on using this is as a shop/blog planner so the segregation in the days is perfect for that. I won’t take you through every little bit of the planner as you’ve all seen it a million times for sure! I’ll go through how I’m using it at the end but first wanted to go through a couple of gripes with the planner… gripes that I’m sure you’ve seen before on various blogs.


I think the saying on this page does really sum up the planner! The coil is lovely and sturdy but has a tendency to do this to pages. I keep the planner open and folded over on my desk at all times so I can always see what I need to do that day but pages often get caught when I open up the planner and try and fold it over again. It’s not a huge issue for me, but if I were to be opening and closing it all the time I’d be definitely bothered by it.


This is a common comment I’ve seen about ECLP’s so I’ll be brief. The quality control on these obviously isn’t great so you end up with little errors like this. Again, not a huge deal but if I were paying full price for it I’d expect it to be right.


Finally, I love the pockets at the back of the planner as I love storage for stickers (I’ve been storing all my homemade stickers in here) however my pocket arrived ripped. The free stickers I received were poking through the plastic wallet which you can just about make out in this picture.

I know some people have had worse problems than this (random missing pages is one I’ve just recently heard about) and some have had none at all. I’m not too bothered as part of the reason I bought this was to see what all the fuss was about. However, had I paid $75 for the new rose gold edition or even just $50 for a regular personalised one plus shipping I’d be a bit miffed.

So while I like this planner, it’s certainly not one I’d think of paying full price for sadly. But that may just be me being a tight Northerner (I do tend to be quite tight in general about getting things from the States, I don’t understand how it can cost so much to ship).

Anyway, on to how I use the planner!

As I said, this is a blog and shop planner so I can be a bit more organised with both as they continue to grow. The only parts I’m really using currently are the month at a glance and weekly planning sheets.

The month at a glance I’m using as a blog planner.

month blog

I post twice a week and this is where I decide what is going to be posted and when. I use the right hand side for future blog ideas so I can see all my blog planning at a glance.

The weekly pages are where I do my specific daily task planning.

weekly pages

As the pages say morning, day and night I obviously needed to cover them up with some stickers. I’m still developing the perfect stickers for it but this is pretty much how they will look. The left hand side is perfect for shopping lists of new stock I need to buy or things like envelopes and stamps.  I haven’t decided what to use the very bottom for yet. For the time being I’ve generally just been using it for random notes or post its. The blog post stickers on each day only get filled in once the post planned for that day has been written and scheduled so I can see easily how up to date I am with my writing.

I haven’t used any of the notes pages as yet as I tend to use my Kikki K for general shop notes and sticker designs but it would make sense to use the ones in this planner instead. I like how there’s a mix of lined and unlined pages in there so it would be perfect for shop planning.

I think my usage of this will evolve but I’m loving having a separate planner for shop and blog stuff, especially one I can leave on my desk at all times. Despite now having three I use daily it doesn’t feel like too much and they’re all getting some love …at the moment. I don’t think I’d spend $70 + potential customs on a new one for next year but I’ll try and pick up something similar… or hope they have another sale!

If you want one but don’t want to pay full price either then click here for a $10 referral coupon and once you’ve ordered you’ll get your own link to send to people which then gives you $10 every time someone uses it.

Em x 

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