A Little Yves Rocher Love…

I’ve spoken about Yves Rocher before in one of the Birchbox reviews from last year and when I went to Bruges I found a shop!

After a little persuading Ed let me go in (he’s been scarred by many Sephora trips while on holiday).

I didn’t go too mad… just a few bits and pieces:


So at first I only picked up the teal nail colour (called Eucalyptus) and that night painted my nails with it and was so impressed I went back the next day for another. The quality of this for the price (£2) was fantastic! One coat was all I needed for brilliant depth of colour and a high shine finish and it didn’t chip within a day like most non-gel colours. The second colour – Hibiscus Rouge is a lovely deep coral colour perfect for summer! The best thing about this nail varnish though is the brush – the wide fan allows me to paint my nails neatly and quickly… something I’m never normally able to do. This is possibly the best nail colour applicator I’ve ever used.

The lipstick is in the same range as that I received in the Birchbox and loved so much –  sheer botanical lipstick but is a little darker than I wanted. It’s called Cerise Noir and is only good for nights (I guess the clue is in the name?). What I wanted was a dark red I could wear through the day but sadly all they had was bright reds. Not wanting to leave without a lipstick, I picked up this one.


As you can see it doesn’t quite come out as dark as it looks but can be built up for something darker if needed.

Finally I went for a face cream as I’ve not tried any of their skincare before. I needed a new hydrating moisturiser as I’m running out of my usual Botanics cream. This is a nice cream, smells nice, and a little goes a long way. It’s provides a nice base to make up but I’m not convinced of it’s hydrating properties. My skin has been a lot drier than normal to the point where I’ve not been able to wear foundation the past couple of days (I’ve just changed to a new Smashbox primer though and I’m not sure whether that’s part of the reason) so I may gave this a bit of a break and use something else to see if my skin improves.

Despite my issue with the cream I still love Yves Rocher and I’m really tempted to try their foundations next. It’s very easy to be tempted by their website – most of their stuff is half price and you get lots of free gifts – I fear I may be placing an order soon…

Em x

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