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Despite not owning a sewing machine I’ve got quite a large collection of fabric

So last year when I went to Bruges I’d just been given an awesome arigurumi book for my birthday and picked up some yarn from a great store called Veritas. 

While in that store I’d also picked up some fabric that looked cute. For no reason other than it looked cute. I’ve really struggled to master crochet over the last year and I haven’t touched the fabric that I was sure I’d find a use for.

When we went back to Bruges this year I was drawn in by the fabric in Veritas once again. I also noticed that there’s loads of fabric shops across Bruges and managed to find myself in them quite often buying up all the little fabric bundles!


Look how pretty it is! In my defence, this year I’ve come across Midoris and so do have some potential projects in making my own fauxdoris with this fabric. I’ve no idea how to make fauxdoris and like I said in the title, I don’t own a sewing machine so I’m not sure whether that’s going to be a massive hindrance. Incidentally, if you know of any good fauxdori tutorials please drop me a comment below!

The Veritas store that I bought the back three amounts of fabric from is one of my favourite shops in Bruges and I can easily lose an hour browsing. They had everything for clothes making (both fabric and wool with all the various accessories) and jewelry making in one part of the store and in the other it was more of a traditional clothing accessories store.


That was where I picked up this beautiful scarf! Flamingos are everywhere at the moment and while I’m not really going mad for them like others, this was too cute to pass up!

While checking out the random little independent stores in Bruges I also picked up another couple of crafty bits and pieces…IMG_5106So the cardstock at the back was from one of the fabric stores and it was having a clearance on all it’s papercraft and ended up being half that price when I got to the till – absolute bargain! The rub on letters are from a shop I bought from last year and they came in very handy while I was doing #listersgottalist so I stocked up on a few more. The number stamps were a little expensive from another shop we’d been in last year too but I’d been struggling to find some nice small number stamps for cards for a while. The Iconic labeling set I mentioned in my last weekly post. I love Miffy and you can always seem to find cute Miffy items on holiday – the Miffy at the back is a notebook and was something crazy like half a Euro?! I’m also really good at picking up postcards and then not using them – maybe I’ll put them into my Filos?

So I think that’s it for my Bruges hauls! I love shopping while away and really don’t think I could do a beach holiday – I’d miss all the shopping!

Em x


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