My Week 31 – and a final review of the Livework Piyo Diary

Week 31! I can’t believe how quick July has gone!

Bit random I know, but it feels like this month has completely flown.

This week marks my last ‘my week’ in the Livework planner as my new planner starts on the 27th! Woop!

last week


I’ve felt pretty crappy all week this week so there hasn’t been much going on, particularly midweek. Highlight of the week has been shopping for birthday presents for a friend which I did from the comfort of home. I hate shopping in normal shops. Etsy all the way for me. A few things for me may have slipped in my basket for me but I’ll show them off when I get them!

As it’s my final week in here I figured I should go through my final thoughts on this after seven months use.

It’s funny how sometimes when you get the things you think you need, you find that you don’t need them at all. I guess that would sum this planner up for me. There’s certain things – like the blank page (I say blank, it has design and drawings on it within the theme of that month) at the start of the month and the note rectangle at the top left of each week – that I thought I’d absolutely love and ended up not even using that much. The blank page was sometimes a good dumping ground for post its and notes to myself but I found I was writing goals in the weekly block that just weren’t ever getting completed. I much prefer having a longer general to do list in my Kikki K which I then transfer into specific days when I’m planning out my week. I felt like I had to write something in that weekly box, even when I knew I wouldn’t have time to get much else done other than ‘business as usual’ …hence why my weekly checklist ended up on there.

I’ve mentioned before that I felt restricted when it comes to decorating this planner as some weeks I felt I couldn’t add to it in a way that would be complementary. This planner would be great for someone who wanted a planner they could take out and about, that would still look cute, without having to feel self conscious about people seeing the decoration – I’ve definitely seen posts of people rightly or wrongly feeling awkward about other people seeing their planners filled with stickers and washi and the like. For those that need a planner that they can carry around, this is a great size – it’s in between personal and A5 size Filofaxes, quite thin, and gives enough daily space for those fairly busy people.

The standout feeling about this planner though? The fantastic quality. It looks just like how it did when I bought it, no rips or damage to the cover and the paper is lovely and thick. I can’t recommend Livework products highly enough. From their planners, to their post its and their pens, you get what you pay for (and that isn’t to say you pay over the odds for their things either). I would not be opposed to buying another diary from them ever but I’d probably go for something a bit cleaner design-wise and with a coil as always having this planner opened out took up quite a lot of room. The only other thing I’d probably want is a predated diary.. I got a little bored of writing in my own days or faffing with little date stickers. It meant too that I couldn’t really do much forward planning on the monthly pages until I’d set them up which I wasn’t always that good at doing in advance.

So while I’m excited to start in a new planner I will probably miss my little Piyo but I’m sure I’ll be buying more Livework goodies in the future (just looking at their website has got me creating a shopping list!)

Em x

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