June Oyatsu Box review

It’s strange to be at the end of the month writing about a ‘June’ box but as tempting as it is I generally don’t finish all the goodies from the box in the same month I receive them. 

So instead you end up with quite a delayed post about June’s Oyatsu box. My second one so far.


There really is nothing better than opening up a surprise package of goodies!

Rather than going through everything this month I’m just going to pick out a few highlights and lowlights!

Calorie Mate

This is very strange item. I guess the closest thing I can liken it to a protein bar maybe? It’s basically a bar that’s supposed to keep you going through the day and has all the vitamins and minerals you need apparently. It’s a bit like a more crumbly bourbon biscuit but tastes more savoury. Totally delicious and served as a decent breakfast. To buy it though it’s around £2-£2.50 a box which for just an on the go breakfast is pretty damn expensive.

Pokemon Ramen – Soy

Not only did this look cute but it reminded me how much I like ramen noodles! The only downside to this was the weird bits of soy that had Pikachu’s face on – looked cute, tasted awful!

Karipoli – Cola and Ramune

These are tangy sticks that are really tasty. They’re almost a bit fizzy/tangy? Definitely one of the nicest Japanese sweets I’ve had. Even though one of the flavours was ramune which I haven’t liked before, I did like it in this set up.

Hora Dekita DIY Popsicle

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen this already. It’s basically a little kit to make your own mini lollipops. You get little sticks and some chews to start with. You put the stick in the chew and then proceed to dunk it in an odd gel and then powder candy. It’s a fun little item, and a something a bit different.

Chocobi – Mexican Taco

One thing I’ve learnt from these boxes is Japan can’t seem to do savory all that well. This Mexican taco flavoured crisp was just nasty. The O’Zack gyoza flavoured crisps were better tasting but still not the kinda flavour I like to eat when it comes to crisps.

Calpis Ball Candy and Setouchi Peony Gummies

These boxes tend to like ball shaped sweets and I’ve not really had any other opinion than ‘meh’ for most of them. They’re just not as flavoursome as I’d hoped and sometimes they have a weird inner – one this month had some sort of gel inside I think which felt odd when mixed with the more traditional chew. There’s a lot more textures with Japanese sweets than with UK ones it seems.

Overall this month’s box was okay. There were a few standout products but the rest didn’t really get me excited. It’s still nice to try new things but I do end up with a lot of half eaten sweets in my kitchen!

Em x

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