Latest buys!

After all the Bruges shopping posts this is just a quick post showing all the ‘other’ stuff I’ve bought lately…

After the all the pen hauling in Bruges I had to get some more from Cult Pens…


I also just had to pick up a notebook for the new job!


I do like Rhodia notebooks as the quality of the paper is fantastic. This notebook was picked because it’s got removable dividers and pages, with the pages themselves hole punched. These holes don’t match the Filofax holes sadly and it does mean you have less room to write on because of them but the main selling point was the dividers so I didn’t mind. My only real criticism of this is the elastic is too close to the edge of the notebook so it frequently comes off in my bag – not so great if I want to store paperwork in it.

As I think I said when I was reviewing the pen haul from Belgium I knew I needed to check out a few more Pentel’s as I was so impressed with the Silci. The sign pen is really nice to write with, doesn’t tend to bleed and has a stronger colour than the Faber-Castell broadpens that I bought in Belgium. I’ve had Energel’s before and this Tradio in red was just as nice and ended up in my ‘new job pencil case’ (I actually have a desk at the new place so I can take nice pens and not worry they’ll get lost somewhere in store). The gold hybrid gel isn’t as nice sadly and the gel just doesn’t flow as well as the other gels I’ve bought.

Finally I wanted to try the 0.7mm Juice as while I like the 0.5 that I have, I do tend to prefer a thicker writing line. The result? It’s pretty much overtaken my Coleto as my go-to pen and I’m seriously contemplating buying a full set of these in 0.7. They’re SO nice to write with. If you take a look at my last few weekly posts you’ll see a sea of orange ink – the 0.7 Juice and everything else is the Slici pens. I will definitely be buying more of these in future!

You’ll see at the bottom of the ink test that I got a freebie pen which was a bit of a surprise! It was a nice freebie particularly as it fit in with the other pens I was buying. This Signo is actually a pretty decent gel rollerball and I’ve taken this to work too. Unfortunately, it suffers with not great ink flow and at work where I’ve been using it daily I’d had a few gaps or had to go over things a few times.

A latest buys post wouldn’t be complete without an Etsy order! This is from shekphoebe and it’s definitely somewhere I’ll order from again – there’s such cute stuff in that shop!

IMG_5008I love pandas! And to find some cute little panda stickers and NOT buy them would be unthinkable! I officially love Suatelier stickers and these are going to be perfect for reminding me to water my succulents.

I haven’t really used the washi yet but it’s of a really nice quality. Expect to see it popping up in my new planner! I’m really looking forward to getting back into a planner that I can play with washi in although the flipside to that will be I’ll probably end up buying loads more…

Speaking of the planner I may have bought myself a planner kit to specifically set it up with. I’ll share with you my set up for it soon but I may as well show you the kit itself from The Ink Road since I’ve recently bought it… Not pictured is the awesome canvas and gold tote bag it all came in!


Look at all that lovely lettering! There’s three different kinds of alphas, plus two word sheets! Perfect for planning and listing (I really need to catch up on my #listersgottalist).


Sadly the inserts don’t fit in the but i’ll find some uses for them!


I LOVE the flamingo paperclip! I’m also a big fan of thin washi so I can’t wait to get using that in the planner.

I’ll go through the kit in a bit more detail when I use it in the but I’d definitely say the kit was worth the money and I got to pick up a few brands that I’ve never heard of, let alone can buy over here in the UK. I think kits like this also allow you have things you wouldn’t normally buy like the gold pineapple stickers – you only get one sheet in a pack and with postage they’re nearly £7 to buy separately. If Lara does another planner kit (which I’m sure I’ve seen that she is) it’s definitely worth a look!

Em x


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