My week #33

My second week in my planner!

Still loving this planner, and still loving all the space!

my week 33

Apologies for the bad picture quality… Ed has been building me a brand new lightbox today (being with an electronic engineer has it’s uses) so I’ve had to make do with a roll of paper, daylight and a bit of Fireworks usage.

This is another week where I’ve largely used The Ink Road goodies, with a few extra bits here and there (like the Martha Stewart drops that I hoarded for ages before actually starting to use). There’s definitely not enough washi in this week though for my liking but if you follow me on Instagram (@lethbridgecards) you’ll know I’ve been stocking up on new wide washi for the planner! I’ve seen some people use washi down the middle of the days to split them up between tasks and appointments/events and I’m tempted to try that over the next couple of weeks. I love the first few weeks with a planner when you’re trying out new ways to make it work for you. If you’ve been trying something that works well in your let me know!

Em x


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