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My Little Box July Review

I get so excited when I receive that email telling me the My Little Box is on it’s way each month.

That’s sad, I know.

But there’s just such variance in terms of the kind of products you get each month that it’s a really nice surprise! That was ultimately the downfall of Birchbox for me – the predictability of what I’d get each month.

Once again, this month’s MLB didn’t disappoint in terms of the range of products I received…


Look at it all! Such a great selection of items. The fact that all the beauty products are pink and matchy is an awesome little detail (not sure if it’s intentional or not as I don’t know whether there’s other colours you could receive in the Essie).

So for the beauty products you get a My Little Beauty after sun. I’ve not had cause to use it yet sadly but I did try it out on my skin and it certainly made it feel nice. The only watch out with this is the fact it is quite pungent. It’s not a bad smell but if you’re sensitive to a strong scent you may not like this – while the box was sat out of my desk before I photographed it all it’s all I could smell. The cleansing water I already use and am running out of so I was happy to have some more. I’d highly recommend this and my full review of it is here. Finally on the beauty front was this lovely Essie nail colour. I’m sure I’ve raved about the quality of Essie nail colour before. As always, this is an easy color to apply and it’s a nice bright but pastel pink (if that makes sense?) My only issue with it is the fact that one coat is clearly not enough – it feels quite a bit thinner that Essie colours I already own. I’ve just bought the Essie Gel Setter top coat so when I’ve had time to do a full mani I’ll use them together and probably do a quick post to show them both off.

I’m still loving the A5 cards I get each month and I think once I get enough I’ll probably make a set of dividers out of them for my Kikki K (because a girl only needs so many dashboards).

The peach thing at the bottom is a travel case which is a lovely little idea! It has six pockets in total and more than enough for all your essentials – passport, tickets etc. I’m just a bit gutted that I’ve already had my summer holiday this year and thus won’t get to use it for a while! In with the travel theme is the pens and notebook you see on the right from Bic. The pens have a stylus on the end which is very handy (although more for work than travel for me) and the notebook has the layout of a postcard on the back… the idea being that you use the notebook as a travel journal and then post it at the end of your trip. Cute little idea and something I may use on a future trip with Ed.

Finally, the gold things are temporary tattoos. Not my style but a nice match to the summer theme of this box.

Once again I loved this box. I always feel like I’ve got good value for money and enough variety of items to keep me interested. It’s just a shame I take my summer holidays early (I don’t like being away at the same time as the school kids) so I’ll have to wait before using some of this!

Em x


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