My Week #34

Another week in my!

I’d say I’m still trying to get the hang of having all this space but I’m still loving the planner.

my week 35

As well as some of the goodies from my Ink Road planner kit I’ve added some of the new washi I bought for this planner – how cute is that succulent/flower washi I used on Friday?! You may have also noticed the super cute post it on Tuesday – that came from my very first Brimbles Box and the review for that is coming later in the week! I’m also loving the little cute planner stamps I recently bought from Tiny Stamps Big Plans over on Etsy. I thought they may be a little lost in the large space but they actually work out perfectly as I can either just do the little stamps on their own as a reminder (see Monday) or make a list out of them as I’ve done on Sunday. I’m definitely getting the hang of planner stamping now and am on the look out for more to add to my collection. I did see some recently that I loved but then saw the website claimed no responsibility for international parcels – there’s no way I’d order from a site that makes that kind of statement. So if you have any recommendations for great planner stamps, comment with some links below!

Em x

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