A little Boots haul/a Smashbox primer review

I feel like it’s been a while since I had a little Boots haul post.

One thing I miss about working there (although my bank balance does not) is seeing all the new products being released and getting my greasy mitts all over them. Now I tend to just go in and buy whatever I’ve run out of at that moment in time. Even if I see new lines, because I don’t know much about them I refrain from buying them, and just go home and research them instead. Boring, I know but before when I worked there I got to know from my colleagues which new lines were the exciting ones and which ones to avoid.

Last time I went in I got a mix of both..


So the foundation and mascara I’ve used (and reviewed) before. I stopped using the foundation after the last bottle ran out and used up my Clarins before buying anymore. My Clarins was getting too cakey and so I decided to go back to this as I knew it agreed with my skin and gave great coverage.

The new (to me) item was the primer. I’d been using Benefit’s Porefessional for maybe two years now and it just didn’t feel like it was working for me anymore so as I was nearly out of it I thought I’d take the plunge with a Smashbox one.

I’d used both the original and hydrating versions of the primer before and always felt a bit ‘meh’ about them but I didn’t want to let that put me off. As I’d been using the Porefessional prior and large pores were my biggest concern I decided to take the plunge and try the Smashbox version. When playing with it in the shop, it didn’t really feel that much different to the Porefessional – the only difference really was less colour to the Smashbox version.

In all I think I used this for maybe two weeks before giving up.

It seemed to have the same effect as the Max Factor Facefinity primer I received in my Glossybox last year. It just did not sit well with my skin at all and seemed to cling to every imperfection or slightly dry piece of skin. Or rather, it made my foundation cling to every imperfection. Areas such as my nose suddenly looked really dry and horrible. If you’ll recall my Yves Rocher post I mentioned that I was concerned that my new moisturiser wasn’t all that moisturising. After the post I decided to stop using the primer (and actually went primer free) and had no problems with my skin. The Smashbox foundation goes on really nicely with no caking and certainly no dry bits.

The only difference with not using a primer is foundation doesn’t tend to go on as smoothly and through the day my skin doesn’t feel soft or smooth like it normally would. It almost feels clammy? However, the appearance of my make up is just how I want it (great coverage, no caking), my pores don’t seem too prominent, it lasts the day and it doesn’t get oily. It makes me wonder why I’ve been using a primer at all?

I think it would be unfair of me to necessarily write this primer off as no good considering I’m getting on very nicely without any primer now. However I’ve liked other primers (like Porefessional) in the past and yet this is now the third Smashbox primer I’ve not liked. My conclusions then? I just don’t think the hype surrounding Smashbox primers is well deserved. There, I said it!

*runs off to hide*

Em x

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