My current skincare set up

After yet another so-so review of some skincare I got a tip in the comments.

The lovely Kel said she had tried going ‘water free’ on the back of some advice she’d been given.  No traditional face washing anymore, just Simple face wipes. No traditional make up, just tinted moisturiser.

While shocked at first, I was really quite taken with the idea. Not the make up free part – that scares me – but the lack of face washing for some reason sounded like it could work. I spent so much time putting all sorts of stuff on my face to get rid of oils and the like imagine if I gave my skin a break? And just went back to basics?

So. The set up.


Aside from a weekly exfoliate and face mask, the above is all I’ve been using on my face for around five/six weeks now.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Simple Cleansing Wipes

Boots Essentials eye make up remover pads

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Moisturiser

Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser

Superdrug Tea Tree Oil

The morning routine is simple – the cleansing water and Yves Rocher moisturiser and I’m good to go.

In the evening I use the eye make up remover pads, followed by the one pad of the Cleansing Water. As the Cleansing Water doesn’t get all the make up I then follow it up with a wipe to ensure my face is squeaky clean. I then use the tea tree oil on any little spots I have and finish with the Lauder Day Wear moisturiser. I’m aware this is a day moisturiser but I’m not too fussy about that – I’m just using up my post-Boots stash of anti ageing products.

One thing I must mention at this point is that this change of routine pretty much coincided with me changing jobs to something much less stressful and much more home life friendly.

So I can’t assume it’s entirely down to the skincare when I say that my skin is the best it’s ever been. That is no exaggeration. I currently have just three spots on my face and one of those is nearly healed. And those large, painful spots I complained about in my last skincare post? I don’t get them anymore!

So while this isn’t going to work for everyone and I can’t confidently say my new job isn’t a big factor in my clear skin this is the only thing I’ve ever tried that has actually, truly transformed my skin.

So thank you Kel, for the great advice! For those of you struggling with your skin I definitely recommend you try the water free way!

Em x

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