A little craft shop haul and a get well soon card

I’ve needed to make a few cards recently so obviously I needed another craft shop haul.

One Stop Craft Shop, my favourite local craft shop posted some beautiful Lawn Fawn stamps on their Instagram and I knew I had to have them. Obviously I couldn’t just buy stamps so I picked up some lovely Basic Grey bits too…


I couldn’t think of anything better than to use all my new pretty things to make a cute get well soon card.


Aside from my trusty enamel dots everything for this card came from the above haul. I love the stamps although they’re a bit long for my stamping block.. hence why the loopy line fades out a bit but I like the effect. This is a cute little card and I love the yellow and blue colour combo.

The only annoyance with this card was the butterfly embellishment. It was a thick chipboard embellishment with a glossy backing paper which nothing would stick to. In the end I had to steal the other half’s hot glue gun to actually stick it onto the card. It’s the first time I’ve ever needed to use a hot glue gun (my little crafty one is cold melt) in my cardmaking and a definite downside to using these embellishments. Unfortunately when playing with another embellishment later I discovered the glossy back was actually the backing of some adhesive on the back of the chipboard… oops!

I’m really starting to love Basic Grey papers and embellishments though… I’m building quite a collection at the moment!

Em x

4 thoughts on “A little craft shop haul and a get well soon card

    1. Oh wow! I’m impressed! I could never do something like that. A no spend month is hard enough (that’s Septembers challenge for me). Are you finding that you’re rediscovering stash you forgot you had?

      1. It’s been quite fun to look through my existing stash, kind of like a free shopping trip the first time I spread it all over the living room floor (hubby was not impressed, made mutterings about waste of money and mess, grumpy sod!).
        I am a Pinterest addict and the hardest thing has been seeing cards I love using a stamp set I can’t buy and nesting star dies. It is quite rewarding to use my existing things in new ways, though.
        My blog is about my pledge and trying to recycle and use things to their full advantage.
        Good luck with the spend-free September!

      2. I’m quite lucky, my other half has a much more expensive hobby haha!
        I’m just checking out your blog – love it! It’s very inspiring! 🙂

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