My Little Box August

The only bad thing about this month’s box arriving was having to go to the Royal Mail depot to pick up my parcel and queue for an absolute age!

That is one downside to my new job – working Monday to Friday, 9-5 I always miss parcels and have to go to the sorting office either after work (huge queues) or Saturday AM (who wants to wake up that early on a Saturday?!).

Enough moaning, now onto this month’s lovely box!


What a great collection of goodies and another fab A5 card!

The Korres body milk is something that I’ve used and loved before. It’s got a lovely fresh smell to it and leaves my skin feeling moisturised. I’ve only ever used their body products like this in the past, but they always have such great scents.

Next is the bag that was a collaboration/designed by Antik Batik. It’s a long shoulder or cross body bad and while this isn’t my usual style I don’t hate it as it would make a good little bag for holidays.

The hair ties you see at the front are awesome. I’ve been wearing at least one pretty much daily since I got the box. By wearing I mean on my wrist. I only ever tie my hair up at the end of the day when I’m removing my make up (or my hair is annoying me). As I’m not really a jewellry wearer it’s nice to wear something on my wrists for a change, with the added bonus of always being ready to tie my hair up if I need to.

Next are two make up pieces in this month’s box – a lip and cheek mousse and a bronzer.


This is the mousse. It doesn’t look like a mousse but it does have a lovely velvety texture. As you can see the colour is really quite bold but I like it on my lips. I won’t be using this on my cheeks though as I’ve found using anything other than a powder on my cheeks results in spots.


I don’t normally do selfies in the blog but it’s difficult to demonstrate a bronzer without one! Firstly you can see the lip colour – it’s a nice matt finish and has some decent staying power. I don’t tend to use bronzers and I guess this picture demonstrates why. I wasn’t using a lot of bronzer here and while my foundation underneath doesn’t exactly match my skin colour this bronzer definitely gives my face a touch of orange to it.

A bit of a mixed box this month with an item I definitely won’t use (bronzer) and an item I may use at some point (the bag) but I’m still happy with the box. Once again the theme has been carried through to all the products which is always a nice touch and I’ve enjoyed the items that were totally new to me (the hair ties and lip mousse). I really can’t recommend this box enough!

Em x

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