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Latest Buys!

It’s that time of the month where I show off my latest Etsy hauls and beauty purchases!

First up is some lovely new washi! I had to get some wider washi for my (yes that’s right, had)…

tape etsy

Most of this washi you’ve seen already if you read my weekly posts. I love the multicolour raindrops one – I just want to put it everywhere! These are from Shekphoebe and the stamp stickers were a freebie!

Next up is another Etsy find – some planner stamps from Tiny Stamps Big Plans. I’ve been after planner stamps for ages and couldn’t find any I was actually willing to part money with – they’re all so expensive! – but I fell in love with these.

stamps Onto a few beauty picks from the past month and I happened to run out of shampoo and shower gel at the same time and so obviously needed a little splurge in L’Occitane!


Verbena is my favourite L’Occitane range ever so obviously I needed to stock up on the shower gel. I also decided to try the Citrus Verbena shampoo too. It’s not as strong a scent as the original Verbena which is a shame but I’m liking what this shampoo is doing to my hair. My only concerns with it so far are a lack of lather thanks to the lovely hard water of Milton Keynes and a little bit more frizz than normal when I don’t pair it with a conditioner. While picking up my order I also got this tinted lip balm – I highly recommend it! The colour is really quite strong so it’s not as easy as some tinted lip balms to apply (or is that just me?) but this is a great day or night colour that doesn’t dry your lips out.

Finally another impulse purchase and that’s the new Essie ‘Gel Setter’ topcoat.

gel setter

This top coat promises gel like shine and colour and it does give a nice amount of shine. While my nails feel a bit stronger with this on there’s sadly no chip prevention at all so my mani still only lasts a day before needing another coat/removal. I couldn’t really say that this is worth more than a normal top coat though which is a shame. Given that I didn’t like the consistency of the Essie nail colour I received in July’s My Little Box I think I might be avoiding Essie for a while. Has anyone else been disappointed by them lately?

September is a no spend for me so (hopefully) there won’t be one of these for a while… lets see how much self restraint I have!

Em x

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