My new Filofax Original Personal Nude and poor customer service from Speedyhen…

I had been after a new personal for a while. I didn’t know what I wanted one for, but I knew I wanted one.

Enter the patent nude. Beautiful organiser and goes with anything. Perfect.

I went to the only two places that I’ve bought Filofaxes from before – Colemans and Smiths and both were more than I was willing to pay. I’d seen people talk about Speedyhen for Filofaxes many a time and had a look on there – only £33! I quickly ordered and didn’t have to wait long for my new planner to arrive!

What a shame that an A5 arrived instead.

Some of you might be thinking ‘score!’ but I really wasn’t. I had my heart set on a personal and I don’t much like how floppy my A5 Original is so I knew I didn’t want to keep it. I contacted Speedyhen and through various emails they confirmed that there was a listing error and that they only had A5s – no personals. They offered me two options, either take a 15% refund or return the planner for a full refund. As I didn’t want to A5 I chose the return option. At that point I was told to return it standard second class which should cost £2.80 and they would reimburse me for that amount. Great, no problem I thought.

On the day I was about to go to the Post Office I realised something. Standard post only covers you for up to £20 if the mail gets lost and I’d heard Speedyhen were very fussy about actually receiving back the return before processing the refund so if the parcel did get lost I’d be out £13. I queried that with Speedyhen and was told quite clearly to send it back standard second. If I were to send it back any other method they would not reimburse me.

Alarm bells were ringing now.

After venting my frustrations at a friend and a planner group I’m a member of on Facebook I managed to find a buyer for my A5 and a replacement personal! Win! I had sent Speedyhen an email before all this explaining what a stupid decision theirs was and how it didn’t protect me at all and after I arranged the sale of the A5 they did come back to me and offer to arrange a courier but it was too little, too late and I got my 15% refund.

At this point it’s also worth noting that the ‘personal’ is still listed on their website here so either they lied to me about it being a listing error or other customers are receiving A5’s instead of personals. Sounds like a Filofax lucky dip!

Can you tell that I won’t be purchasing from Speedyhen ever again? It wasn’t a huge issue and I know mistakes happen but their way of dealing with it and the fact that the listing is unchanged just gives me a really bad feeling about shopping with them again.

*takes a deep breath*

And now onto my new little beauty…


The dividers came from the person I bought the Filo from and I love them! They go so nicely with the planner I decided to keep them instead of making my own.

This is going to be a  home planner – separate from my and holding more information than plans so my Fuchsia can be utilised as an on the go planner.


I’m probably going to do another post at some point giving you a tour through these and how I use them but I’m still getting settled in at the moment (and by that I just mean looking at them all the time).

Em x


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