My last Oyatsu Box!

I decided to cancel my Oyatsu Box. 

While there were some awesome items in there each month, and it was great value there were many items each month that I didn’t really like all that much and ended up half eaten in a drawer. Maybe if there were more chocolate items I might have felt differently?


This was the last box I received and the one great thing about this box is the range of products you get – there was a good mix of sweet, savoury and novelty items. I do find Japanese flavours very strange though – the box at the back left is a pack of vegetable biscuits and the only thing in this box I really didn’t fancy trying. The BBQ flavour crisps next to them were okay but I shared them with Ed and he had some sort of reaction to whatever was in them. The bag next to those was a bag of various different flavour Hi Chews. These things are probably my favourite discovery through Oyatsu Box but are sadly quite pricy to get hold of over here (£10.50 for five packs with free delivery on Amazon).

Other standout products in this box were Cream Collon (brilliant name) which were nice but I was definitely expecting something a little creamier.. the taste wasn’t as rich as I think it should have been. The Bake sweets were also nice (like eating ice cream) but given how sweet they were, were best in small doses. The item in the bottom left, called Nerune is best talked about with a picture…


This is possibly the oddest thing I’ve ever eaten. You basically get a powder and a gel that you mix up with a little bit of water (one for each side of this little serving thing) that turns into this weird thick foam/mousse. You then top them off with these hundreds and thousands. As a novelty sweet goes, this was pretty awesome but it’s strange eating foam and it was ridiculously sweet… I couldn’t finish it all.

I discovered a few nice products through this box but given I didn’t love even the majority of the products each month it just wasn’t worth it to me. However, if you love exploring new flavours and like sweet sweets this will be right up your street!

Em x

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for a chocolate subscription box, hit me up in the comments!

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