Etsy Stock Swap!

Thanks to being a member of UKPA on Facebook I’ve also become a member of a spin off group, for UK planner supplies and stationery sellers.

Someone in the group had a great idea to do a stock swap so we could see what each other sold and also help promote other shops (I’m so lucky I’ve found a hobby full of supportive like minded ladies, none of this every  man for themselves rubbish). I’ve never done a swap of anything in my life but thought this would be something cool to try out to help my fellow sellers and get loads of awesome things to play with!

The swap amount was set at £3 (but I think most of it went over that given the prices of some of the items in our shops) and we sent everything out last week! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen everything I received but here are all my goodies together…


The hardest part about this swap was waiting until I had received everything to get a good shot of it altogether! Look at all these lovely stickers! I’ve been mulling over some planner sticker purchases for a while so it was great to receive a bucket load of them.

Stickel Co


These stickers are seriously pretty. I’m loving the colours (I find a lot of planner stickers tend to be really bright for some reason which I don’t like) and I can see myself using all of these stickers in my planner. The stickers are a good size too.. I would be happy using these either in my personal or my (3.8×2.4cm is the size of the todo boxes for example) and they don’t either take over the personal size pages or get lost in the large

Handcrafted by Sheree


Another cute set of stickers. This time a bit brighter than the last but all still colours I use in my planners. The little checklists are ones I’ve used in my already and I’m excited to use the teardrops as I’ve been meaning to make some myself for a while! The cancelled/rescheduled stickers will come in super handy too as they’ll look so much better than me scrawling through appointments!

Daisyduster DesignsIMG_5777

How cute are those laundry stickers?! I can’t wait to get using them in my planner. The marble effect sheet is different and pretty cool – I’m not sure you’ll be able to see but there’s basically little arrow stickers on there. More payday stickers which I know I’ll use in my Erin Condren as they’ll be great for tracking Etsy payment days and the such.

Dream Big and PlanIMG_5726

If I ever needed another excuse to buy pizza these stickers are definitely it! I really like this style of sticker. The majority of planner stickers seem to be very kawaii and cartoony and sometimes weekly layouts don’t always suit that style so it’s nice to have an alternative. It’s also nice to get a selection of stickers on a sheet, not just the same one x100.

It’s so nice to see some great, talented UK Etsy sellers as I generally don’t buy from US Etsy sellers – the majority have P&P costs that seriously take the mickey – although this does mean I’ve found four new sellers to spend all my money with… oops.

Em x


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