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September Brimbles Box

My second month of the Brimbles Box and an even better themed box!

This month it was all about retro and vintage with a lovely colour scheme.


Once again I’m really happy with the range of items I got. Two rolls of washi and a set of stamps along with all the other goodies feels very generous. So far the stamps are the only thing I haven’t yet used as I feel they probably lend themselves to some card making and I sadly haven’t done that in a while (but I have a week off work coming up so that will be top of the list of things to do).

This month’s bundle of goodies were used in my planner as you may have seen already…

new my week

I followed Mrs Brimble’s advice on the pins and stuck paperclips to them to create some cute planner clips. I was pretty happy with the glue on the back of the pins and didn’t need to give it any help with a glue gun to stay attached to the clip. I love the floral tape as it’s very Cath Kidston and I’ve found myself using both sets of word stickers between this planner and my Fuschia Original. The paper pack is a bit thin to use for dividers or dashboards so I’ve cut up bits of it stick in the planner (the LOVE on Tuesday in the pic) and intend on using the rest in my cardmaking. The pens are very pretty to look at but aren’t for me writing-wise as I just can’t be parted from my Pilot pens!

Overall I really enjoyed getting this little box of goodies in the post and once again thought it was great value. Now I’m on countdown to next month’s box!

Em x

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