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New Etsy stickers!

I finally got around to making more stickers with the Silhouette.

I’ve been despairing of my awful laser printer (will never buy a Samsung printer again!) and found that some of my fellow sticker makers use an inkjet printer instead. We have an inkjet that we stopped using when it ran out of ink and I bought the laser so I decided to get some new ink for it and try that with the sticker paper instead.

study hex

For some reason in my head I’d written off inkjet as just not as good but these stickers prove otherwise! These are my new favourite design – the shape and colour combo is lovely. I’ve had to have a bit of a planner sticker intervention with myself (I have so many) otherwise I’d have made some of the next lot for myself.

todo hex

These would look lovely in my ECLP for October but I shall resist! I also created some more simple ones like custom monthly checklist stickers as my custom weekly checklist stickers are the most popular ones in the shop.

monthly checklist

I’m going to have to make an amendment to my next batch though – I left out cleaning make up brushes!

I love using flag stickers in my planner and so as I had a nice fresh Silhouette blade I had to make some new flags.

todo flagsFinally, as I love a good todo list I made some blank checklists that fit in the Erin Condren boxes. These have been perfect for planning out my week in my ECLP as sometimes fixed tasks to a certain day doesn’t really work so I use these instead to list the week’s main tasks.

eclp circle

These are all listed in the shop now with more new designs to come in the next week or so. These are all ready to go – I don’t want to make to order as I like to have as quick a turnaround time on my orders and I know how temperamental Silhouettes can be!

Em x

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