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My Week #41

I’m still in my Fuchsia and still loving it!

I had a week off work and spent a few days in London with Ed to see the two Steven Wilson Royal Albert Hall shows (absolutely amazing) so at one point my pages were filled to the brim of post its of where to go and how to get there etc. I removed a few so you can actually see this week’s decoration (which I’m loving).

my week 41

I’ve really enjoyed my week off and got to catch up on a lot of things shop-related I’ve been meaning to do like making more dividers and starting my Christmas cards (there’s some new goodies in the shop now) but that has kind of meant I’ve ignored some of the more boring things on my task list. These will get moved to next week but instead of writing them out again in the weekly pages I might just move them onto a post it note (you know, just in case I don’t do them all again next week) as they’re not really time sensitive tasks. I guess there is an argument that putting all general todo’s on a post it note and then just moving it along each week will leave my planner looking a bit neater and will stop me moving into another week with unticked things on my pages. However I’m not sure it would really work in practice on personal pages. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

While in London I only did a little bit of shopping – after seeking out Retro Game Base (best gaming shop we’ve ever been to) we found a great little gift shop in Streatham called The Indigo Tree where I picked up some awesome glitter self adhesive letters… no idea what I’ll use them for but they’re pretty! Ed also found London Graphic Centre which was just heaven – it’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the Covent Garden area. I picked up some lovely Moleskins (my favourite kind of notebook) and these cute MT tapes..


They’re weren’t too expensive either considering some of the prices I see online – £2.50/£2.75.

As weeks go this was one of my favourites and a great start to October. There’s not much going on for me for the rest of the month – aside from a couple of work trips – but I should be thankful… it gives me a month to save for Christmas!

Em x

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