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Going on a diet is easier with pretty stickers, right?

Okay so not really a diet, more of a health/fitness kick I guess. 

I refuse to buy into the whole dieting thing as it just conjures up images of people making silly food decisions to get to a certain goal weight and then eating exactly how they did before once they hit it. I prefer going down the ‘changing eating habits’ approach and have already done this once through My Fitness Pal. It’s an app that basically tells you how many calories you should eat each day (and also how to split that in terms of how much carbs, fat etc). You tell it your height, weight, goal weight, how quickly you want to lose it and your day to day activity level and it tells you the calorie goal to aim for each day. You then log everything that you consume every day. You can either search for an item or scan the barcode on the product and it’ll fill in the details for you. I used this earlier this year to get into better shape for my holiday in June and got out of the habit of using it once my holiday came and went.

It definitely changed my eating habits though and I was a lot more conscious of what I was eating most of the time. Since changing jobs in July I now sit down for pretty much all my day though now which isn’t great but I have much better working hours now so going to the gym after working shouldn’t be such an issue. With this in mind I decided October 1st was going to the be the start of a little health kick for me – get back to the gym, lose a bit of weight and generally feel a bit better about myself.

Now I obviously needed some way to track this in my planner because although MFP is great at tracking it, I’d rather see it every time I open my planner to spur me on and this was a great excuse to create some pretty new stickers!

fitness stickers

You can’t really tell all that much but the hexagon stickers are a slightly darker shade to the flag stickers as I thought stickers all the same colour would look a little dull. I’m not sure about the cheat day stickers – I think they might look better as a horizontal flag instead?

I listed these in the shop and kept some earlier versions with darker hexagons for myself so hopefully you should see these popping up in my weekly posts going forward. The aim is to go to the gym three times a week and weigh myself weekly so I should have ten weeks worth of stickers here (here’s hoping I’m just left with lots of cheat day stickers!) bringing me to just before Christmas and all the eating that entails. At the end of that I’ll reassess them and see if they worked for me and either continue use or design some new ones.

If you like these stickers but would want them customised for your own fitness goals get in touch on Etsy – I’m more than happy to do custom orders!

Good luck with anyone else on a health kick in the coming weeks!

Em x

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