My Week #42

Another week in my personal and I’m still loving it. 

I’ve been busy work-wise so haven’t had loads to fill in each day – aside from a disappointing trip to a car boot… no Filofax finds for me sadly! Had I been in my there would be a lot of white space here now.

I’m debating selling my I really like it but I just can’t see me getting back into using it due to it’s size… I’m loving having everything in my little personal and can’t imagine going to back to having a ‘home’ planner.

This week I used the pretty MT washi I picked up in London as the basis for my week’s layout along with quite a few of the stickers I received in the stock swap a few weeks ago.

my week 42

I’ve spoken before about not having a monthly overview in the personal and missing it. Last week I also mentioned looking into a different way of having general to dos that don’t belong in certain days. With that in mind I’m trying out something new…
my week3


This is just something I’ve whipped up, using a monthly post it note from My Mind’s Eye and my monthly checklist stickers on one side of a Project Life card and another post it on the back with my general to dos on.

You may see ‘cancel gym’ on that list. Not because I’m giving up on my fitness kick already, but more because I did a kickboxing trial on Thursday and I’m looking at leaving the gym and just doing kickboxing instead.

So far I’m enjoying this little set up as even in my I used to get frustrated having to flip back to my monthly pages. This way, my month is right there in front of me along with my general task list. If you’ve done something similar in your planner, comment below and let me know how it went!

Em x

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