My Week #43

It felt like quite a busy week this week, though you wouldn’t really think it to look at my planner.

I’ve come to the conclusion that how I decorate my planner really dictates how I use throughout the week. If I’m not really feeling the decoration then I’ll be less inclined to use it and fill it up with everything I’ve got going on. This week I started with a bit of a Halloween theme, using some of the goodies I received in this month’s Brimbles Box (more on that later in the week with my review post) and it’s just not a colour scheme I feel comfortable using sadly. I was also reminded of one of the reasons I didn’t initially like personal size – writing on the pages when they’re in the rings is kind of tricky (to me) and my handwriting ends up pretty rubbish.

my week 43

I love the contrast of the two sides of this week… you can definitely see where I started playing with it and making it prettier. I still haven’t been to the gym but thanks too being to busy to eat at work I have actually lost a bit of weight! We had a team building day on Thursday which was good fun but I did have to sleep in a yurt and go outside in the freezing cold to get to the bathroom hut… not great in October! There was also the beginning of The Apprentice this week which I love… largely because they’re all pretty useless! If you’ve been watching it too, let me know your early favourites below…

Em x

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