Brimbles Box October!

There’s nothing like a subscription box to remind you what month your on and there was no escaping the fact that this is Halloween month!

Once again I was sent some lovely stationery items that fit perfectly within this month’s theme…


Inside the box there was:

  • A pumpkin shaped memo pad
  • 3d/puffy stickers
  • Project Life cards
  • Pack of die cuts
  • Paperclip
  • Two rolls of washi

My favourite item this month is definitely the paperclip. It’s so pretty and of great quality. I love the puffy stickers but was a little stuck with these as I hate using them in my planner due to the fact they make the paper not lie flat anymore.

Once again it was a nice selection of products and great value for money. The only problem? I don’t really do Halloween decoration, much less do anything for the actual day. The washi wasn’t in colours I really normally use and while I used the bottom one last week in my Filofax (see my week’s pages here), I wasn’t really feeling it. The die cuts are probably what I’ll get the most use out of in my planner as a lot aren’t really specifically Halloween themed but the rest of the box will get utilised in other ways – namely making my happy mail look pretty this month!

Despite not loving the theme, I’m still happy with this month’s box and am looking forward to next month’s (hopefully Christmas themed) box as I can’t wait to give my Filo a Christmas makeover!

Em x

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