My Week #44

I think it’s time to admit I’m sticking with my personal Filofax. I’m not going back to the It’s too big for me and I love carrying the Filo everywhere.

I’m therefore going to sell my If you’re interested in buying it for £20 (It’s completely empty from November this year until the end of next, and I haven’t used any stickers from inside yet) drop me a message on Etsy and I’ll get it listed on there (postage would be around £4 in the UK).

Anyway, onto my week…

my week 44

Another week using the Brimbles Box washi that I wasn’t too keen on but I made the best of it with lots of cute stickers. Had another busy week thanks to an impromptu work trip up North that I wasn’t originally meant to be going on. I’m looking forward to staying in the office all week next week.

I was meant to be going to a planner meet up on Saturday but it was oddly busy on the way to the train station and in the station it was an absolute nightmare… I’d have missed at least two trains just queuing to get a ticket and had been well over an hour late. Instead Ed and I had a day out together which was lovely if not a little wet and soggy.

I’m looking to inserts for next year now that I’m staying with the Filofax. I know I don’t want Filofax ones again as they’re a little dull. Piaric inserts are lovely but expensive. Ditto Cocoa Daisy. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the cream Kikki K inserts but if you know of some pretty simple but functional personal size inserts comment below and I’ll check them out!

Em x

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