My Week #47

I love pandas and if you saw my Cute Things From Japan haul a few weeks ago, you’ll know I just stocked up lots of cute panda planning goodies.

This was the week I decided to get all those goodies out and have a bit of panda themed week in my Filofax.

my week 47

The Midori post its are probably a little big for this size planner but they’re great for weeks like this where I’m off work and have lots of goals for the week. My only disappointmen the panda goodies is the quality of the panda stamps – they don’t stamp as well as I’d hoped but they’re still cute nonetheless.

Aside from going to a wedding on Thursday I had a fab, chilled week off. I got some new vinyl sticker paper so I went on a sticker making spree (look out for those in the shop now) and then just generally caught up on my general to do list. That was also my last time off before Christmas but I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I should probably start that asap…

Em x

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