How do you store your make up?

I must admit when I’m work and I see someone taking their make up bag to the bathroom to do their face for the day I don’t get it.

I couldn’t leave the house for work without being fully ready. I don’t understand people who do their make up in their car or place of work (unless they’ve been the gym, but even then, I’d just do it there). I’m also not a fan of make up bags either. They’re just not organised enough for little old OCD me. I like to have all my supplies out in front of me, arranged nicely so I can easily and quickly navigate the selection on a morning.

I first saw my eventual make up storage on a blog post where someone had fixed it to the wall using Command strips. That was my intent with this but the Command strips didn’t work at all so it just ended up on my shelving in the bathroom.

make up storage

I’ve tried various ways of organising it but this seems to work best currently.

The back left houses the Naked palette (a staple) and whatever my current foundation is along with my Smashbox highlighter. I must admit I break the hygiene/longevity rules when it comes to highlighter – in the past 5 years this is only my third one.


Next up are all my brushes which are either No7, Seventeen or Real Techniques.

Next is everything eyes… my current favourite eye pencils, eyebrow product and mascara.

The next pot down is pretty much concealers and lip products. I use three different products on my dark circles, and usually have around three or four lip products on rotation, plus a lip balm for dry days. My eye primer is kept in here too – currently Urban Decay but it’s on it’s way out and will need replacing soon.

At the front is anything flat – my Seventeen contour kit (kept for the pale of the two powders to use all over), UD blusher, mini Benefit powder and also another concealer.

This set up a great place to keep my cotton buds to hand without having just the bag out on the side (I don’t buy the ones in pots) and the shelf is great for ‘other’ products such as the mini Benefit eye cream and pencil sharpener. I also tend to keep hair clips on here too.

This obviously isn’t all my make up – I have a large case that I keep all my extras in, which is organised by product type with the bags I’d receive my Birchbox items in. I must admit I’m really bad at throwing old product away and break every rule in the book. I’m always convinced I’ll need it some day and even really bad items that I may have received in beauty boxes I keep for some reason.

I love these plastic storage containers.. I have three now around the house. I have a flat one with compartments that I keep in the bedroom with my contacts lenses and creams in and have a small set of drawers sat on my desk with planning supplies on. The one above came from John Lewis but you can get them in15 loads of places – Amazon, The Range and Rymans.

How do you store your make up? Show me below!

Em x

6 thoughts on “How do you store your make up?

  1. I love how organised your makeup is! I definitely want to do a post like this but I need to find some storage boxes like yours. I also cannot fathom how people put their makeup on outside! I’d rather leave with nothing on than do it in a rush on the bus haha

    1. Aw thank you! I’m just too OCD to have anything other than this set up! Once you start buying the boxes though you’ll find millions of other uses for them and have loads! Putting make up on on the bus is the worst! How people don’t poke themselves in the eye with mascara, I’ll never know!

    1. They’re so worth it! I’d love to get a bigger set of the plastic drawers to put all my excess make up in, rather than hiding it away in a case. x

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