Listers Gotta List

So I bought this Midori many many months ago (April in fact) and never shared because I bought it to complete April’s Listers Gotta List and onwards. 

I got about halfway through the month, couldn’t keep up and then just stopped it completely. Over the past few months I’ve dabbled in it here and there and finally finished it recently.

Despite taking so long to finish it I still wanted to show off my Midori a bit and some of the pages I completed. I’ll be doing a full low down of the Midori next week as I’ve now repurposed it as my blog planner to replace my Erin Condren.


I’d wanted a Midori for a while but wasn’t so keen on the brown or black colours available. Then I came across this limited edition blue one. It was part of a collaboration with Pan-Am Airlines and strangely, is still available to purchase all these months later. It’s so pretty I thought it definitely would have sold out by now.

The package was quite simple – as well as what you can see in the picture it came with a spare elastic, a plain insert and a lovely cotton bag for it to sleep in.

Thanks to a few years of cardmaking I’ve got lots of supplies like lettering that I could use up. Although I’m fairly certain I ended up buying lots more just for this project.


This was also a great way to use up a lot of my Project Life cards that I had been collecting.

I started out with some pretty basic layouts, relying on those Project Life cards a lot.


I’m not really a scrapbooker so doing layering like this was a bit out of my comfort zone but I quite liked it. I was also able to go through my large stash of die cuts that I’ve been collecting.


This was one of my favourites.


My label maker came in really handy to do some lettering where I didn’t want to do individual letter stickers or die cuts.


It was a nice little project to do (even if it did take months) but I won’t be doing any more months. Maybe if I were a scrapbooker I’d have enjoyed it more but I found it difficult to come up with new page layouts and designs… hence why it took me so long to complete. I’ve seen other people just do them on Project Life cards which is a nice idea. Maybe if I were still using a large planner like the Bando I’d try and incorporate it into my weekly pages but instead I’ll just stick to looking at everyone else’s pretty pages.

Em x

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