My Week #48

A week of trying of all my new planner stickers this week!

I’ll be showing off all the new stickers listed in my shop later in the week but for now you get a preview of some of the ones I’ve been working on.

Because of this, my colour scheme is a little haphazard this week but I still like it! I’ve adapted my weekly checklist stickers and I prefer how they fit in the ‘this week’ box, along with my new to do stickers.

my week

This week was a good happy mail week – my Kate Spade arrived! I also may have bought a Webster’s Pages planner (although it hasn’t arrived yet) because for only £3 I couldn’t say no!

This week was also a bad week for getting stuff done. I’ve had a bad cold all week and not really felt up to doing much other than sitting at my computer making stickers so the flat looks a bit of a tip this weekend. Guess what my planner is going to be filled with next week…

For those of you who use colour coding in your planners – does it work for you? I’ve tried it in the past but when you only have one or two pen loops (and fall out of love with your Coleto) I find it tricky to do but then get annoyed if my planner is a mish mash of pen colours. Maybe I should start carrying a pencil case with my planner again?

Em x

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