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New planner stickers!

In the past couple of weeks I finally got my new printer all set up and got some brand new sticker paper to play with!

I had so many issues with traditional sticker paper that I decided to try printable matt vinyl instead. Aside from the fact it smells of vinyl this stuff is fab! It takes a bit of tweaking with the printer settings (using those suggested on my vinyl didn’t work so I had to do lots of tests) and with the Silhouette – it’s thicker than paper so I had to find all new settings for it.

Once I finally got the settings right though I was able to get some new sticker ideas out of my brain and into reality!


These are colours that I usually use, but they just look so much more vibrant on the vinyl! I love these cute little to do flag stickers at the back… perfect for my personal size!


These little mini sheets are for smaller stickers and designs I want to try out before doing a full sheet. I’m loving the blue dots!


These were actually my boyfriend’s idea! Dividers that have stickers on! These fit personal size planners and I’m going to be making myself some of these for my new 2016 planner set up.

ombre to do blue green and yellow

These are probably my favouites! I made a page of these for myself and they’re an ideal size for either Filofax personal size inserts or even an Erin Condren.

happy mail

I’ve been after some happy mail stickers for ages and decided to make my own. I’ve got some other ideas for happy mail stickers so watch this space for more!

I’m definitely going to be sticking with the vinyl. It’s more expensive but so worth it. You can write on the stickers just like normal sticker paper (which was my biggest concern with it really), cutting it is a lot easier with the Silhouette as there’s less tearing 26and the colours are just so much stronger and vibrant.

All these stickers are in the shop now, with new ones being added weekly.

Em x

2 thoughts on “New planner stickers!

  1. Hi thank you so much for this post. It is hard to tell but Im assuming the vinyl paper is different than typical shiny vinyl. Can you write on the stickers? also do they resemble stickers by libbie n co or KAD their stickers look so high quality. I will check out your shop. Thank you

    1. Hi! It is a matte vinyl so is different to the usual shiny ones. Sadly I’ve never tried KAD or Libbie n Co so couldn’t really compare their stickers to mine I’m afraid but the sticker paper I use is definitely high quality. 🙂

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