My Week #50

First week of December and naturally the first week of winter decoration in the planner!

At the moment my planner is more festive than my home as Ed wants to semi rearrange the living room before putting the tree up, but isn’t really making any moves to help do that… But the tree will be up before the end of today, even if I have to just put it up in the middle of the living room!

On to this week and it’s been filled with a busy week at work and lots of to dos thanks to prepping for seeing the family next week (the last time before Christmas). Despite the fact I work in the town centre I never make it in through the week and instead have to brave it at the weekend along with everyone else in Buckinghamshire. I also need to organise my planner for next year and get some inserts sorted! Anyone else struggling to make a decision for 2016?

my week 50

I started off quite subtle with my festive decorations… next week it’ll be full of reds I’m sure! My favourites of this week are probably the polar bear and penguin stickers. I’ll be showing where they come from in a review later in the week so watch this space…

You’ll also notice that I’m attempting a No Spend December. Madness in December I’m sure I hear you cry but that’s kind of the point. I only want to spend on other people this month, not myself!

Em x

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