My Week #51

Less than two weeks to Christmas!

I went back home to see my parents this weekend so I’ve had to be pretty prepped and do most of my Christmas shopping already. Now all I have left is Ed… and he’s the most difficult to buy for!

my week 51

Christmas definitely arrived in my planner this week! Along with some new stickers that I bought on Black Friday (my only BF stationery purchase). I’ll do a full haul post on that next week. This is possibly by favourite Christmas tape and it’s from Mrs Brimbles and the stickers are from last month’s box too.

Since I was away at the weekend I brought my Coleto with my instead of my usual Juice pens so I could carry more colours and I missed this pen! If only I could write a bit neater with it it would be my perfect pen. Anyone else sometimes find that? Pens you love that you can’t write all that well with? Or is that just me?

Em x

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