My Week #54

In what was supposed to be my last week in the Fuchsia Original for this year, this is now just my last ‘week’ post of 2015…

I was meant to be moving into my new Kate Spade this week but I just can’t take to it. As pretty as it is I knew I couldn’t adapt to using it and therefore would end up being less organised. I’m going to be doing a review post later this week on it so I’ll go through my reasons in more detail then.

Anyway, onto this week and a lovely little 3 day week at work. If only all my weeks could be like that I’d be a very happy lady!

my week 54

I loved using my freebie countdown stickers from Stick With Me! It makes me want to do countdowns each week so my planner looks all pretty! My week was filled with little tasks to set my year off on the right foot – lots of tying up of loose ends etc.

I’ve decided to stay in this planner for 2016 and am currently making some final tweaks to the set up so i’ll be sharing that next week. In the meantime I’m going to be sharing my 2016 goals and reviewing 2015’s on the blog this week so stay tuned!

I hope you all had an awesome New Year’s Eve – ours was fairly low key as it’s also our anniversary so we’d rather celebrate that instead!

Em x

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