The Reset Girl Review

I finally did it. I finally bought some Reset Girl stickers.

When she started offering free shipping when she reopened her shop a few weeks ago I knew now was the time to see what the fuss was all about with her stickers. I’d always avoided her stickers before because while they looked pretty, they seemed expensive and with shipping on top they were just more than I was willing to spend on stickers.

On this purchase I limited myself to one full size sheet and the rest to just be ‘itty bittys’ – I didn’t want to incur custom charges.

reset girl 2

The big sheet was $4.50 (about £3.14) and the five ‘itty bittys’ were $2 each (about £1.39) so I spent about £10 on this little lot. The gumballs on the left are really nice stickers but I haven’t really found a use for them yet. They’re about 1.7cm and so they’re just about a decent size for my personal Filofax. Any bigger and I would struggle to use them. This is part of the reason why the rest of the stickers I bought were the smaller ones – these are ideal for use in my Filofax and you get a lot of stickers for the money in my opinion. It is quite a small sheet though – 8.5 x 5.4cm. While the gumballs are matte, some of the itty bittys are more glossy and thus look more vibrant. Both kinds of stickers are printed on sticker paper, as opposed to vinyl like some. If I was to make another purchase I’d just exclusively buy itty bittys and only if there was still free shipping (which currently there is).

In terms of length of delivery I placed the order the day after the shop relaunch – the 6th December. I was staying up to place an order the night of the relaunch but it just kept getting delayed and delayed so I had to go to bed. It took until the 22nd to get shipped which it did clearly state on the website that it may take a couple of weeks to ship. It then arrived on the 30th December which given the Christmas holidays isn’t too shabby.

With the order I received a few extra bits…

reset girl 3

A postcard which I’ve already put in my planner, a random fish fortune teller which I remember from being a kid, a journalling card and some freebie stickers with her colours for each range on.

I don’t know how I feel about ordering from here again. On the one hand they’re expensive, but the packaging, little extras and free delivery thrown in make for a great experience. Given how she has to employ staff it makes sense that the stickers will be more expensive than those shops with just one person but then if it’s ready to ship now (as I believe she made the move to last year) and she has staff why did it almost four weeks for my 6 sheets of stickers to get to me? Maybe my one week wait for my stickers from Stick With Me Shop has spoiled me now for other overseas sticker sellers? Ultimately I like the stickers though and love using them in my Filo and while there’s still free delivery to be had they’ll be on my ‘to buy’ list.

What are your favourite sticker shops? Let me know below!

Em x

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