Lethbridgecard’s January Releases!

I’ve been on a sticker making spree this month!

If you’ve visited the shop recently you may have seen a few of these new items. There’s been two main sets of new stickers this month, along with some new colour options of my heart checklist stickers…

The first set of stickers were my new collaboration with my boyfriend, Ed. I asked him to create me some cool stickers for reading, climbing and watching films or Netflix and he created some very cool designs which I then put on my mini sheets. The payment for him creating this? Constant cups of tea. I think they were worth it!

climbing 2

These are my favourites and are perfect for our new climbing hobby. If you’ve never climbed, the letters are styled to look like the holds on the climbing wall. The space underneath is for that sessions achievement… a certain route you’ve completed perhaps, or just the length of time you and chillNetflix and Chill stickers for those nights binge watching your favourite TV shows (for us it’s House of Cards at the moment… we’re playing catch up!)

film night 2

These film stickers are so awesome and have such great detail! reading night 1

As part of my goal this year to read more, I wanted to some reading night stickers because I’m more likely to read if there’s a pretty sticker to put in my planner, right?

The second set of new stickers were some pastel coloured sampler stickers I put together to try out some new ideas.

cleaning sampler

Sometimes you don’t want sheets saying just one or two things as it gets expensive building up full sets. I wanted to create little sampler sheets with lots of different shaped stickers in some cute pastel colours for a few different life areas.

finance sampler

special day sampler

I really like these colours! I think the combo may be appearing more in future sheets. In fact I used them as the basis of new little shape sheets.

small pastel

These are just a few of the new goodies listed this month. There’s more being listed all the time (along with other new planning supplies). To see my whole range of stickers click here.

Any favourites? Any stickers you’d love to see? Let me know below!

Em x

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