My Week #5

The problem with having lots of new washi and supplies is trying to decide which to use when it comes to a new week.

I’ve got some haul posts coming up of all my new goodies and the temptation really is just to create a mad mess with about 25 different colours each week until I’ve used all my pretty new things.

I’ve been more reserved that that though and this week I’m just using one of my new washi’s, a pretty flowery number from MT (the best washi tape brand I’ve ever used).

my week 5

I’ve been after this washi for ages. It’s just so pretty. I have very little sticker wise that really matches it though, other than the adorable kraft animal stickers from Paperchase.

I’ve had another busy week this week, flying to Italy for the night with work on Thursday. I had a spa day on Sunday which was lovely but it did leave Saturday as the only day really to catch up on stuff. I tried putting my weekly checklist into Monday instead of the note box on the right hand page so I could leave that blank for to do’s but I didn’t really like it. I think I’ll just drop my to do’s into a random day instead or maybe try a week on one page layout… I’ve found some inserts from Just So Stationery that have a week on one page with a general to do/planning page next to it that looks like it could be perfect for me.

Em x

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