My Week #7

I can’t believe I’ve been planning in a personal for months now and I still like the set up.

I was expecting to be on to another set up right now (I thought I would have ordered a Plum Paper Planner by now) but every little gripe I have about the personal Filo gets outweighed by the overall benefits of the size and flexibility. The fact that my personal fuchsia is seriously pretty also helps.

This week has felt like a bit of a blur. I haven’t really done much (including no exercise grr) other than go to London on Friday. We had friends over for the weekend so much of the space has been taken up with lists to get ready for that. Next week I need to get back to being a bit more productive. 15

my week 7Once again I used some of my new washi – the bottom is an MT washi from my Suzy Stick It haul the other week. The majority of my stickers this week have come from Linouspots – review coming soon!

Em x

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