Lethbridgecards February New Releases (and a coupon code!)

It’s that time where I take you through a quick tour of some of the new products added to the shop this month!

It’s been quite a mix this month with some new planner stickers, washi and sticky notes. I know I don’t like having to do all my planner shopping from various different places and pay lots of shipping so I aim to be a one stop planning shop!

First up is some of the cute new washi available…pink flowerFlower washi, £2. This is my new favourite washi in the shop and I’m really resisting the urge to ‘borrow’ some for myself! grey and blue chevronI’m really into grey at the moment (possibly because it’s so grey outside!) and the mix of the grey and blue here works really well. Find this here, for £2.

Continuing my love of pandas I’ve also got some cute new sticky notes listed…panda m&sThere’s a new range of these in the shop now along with some cute rabbit versions, only £1.45.

I finally got around to making some quarter boxes this month! I’ve got them in two sets: pastels and brights.pastel box samplerThe idea is you can either use the quarter boxes on their own or use the word or icon stickers in the filled bit to categorise it. You can either get a sampler like this for £1.50 or just get a full sheet of the blank boxes on their own for £2.50.quarter brights 2Another set of stickers I’ve been meaning to make have been some water tracker stickers. Most of the ones I see out there track glasses but I don’t do that – I track litres so I wanted a sticker where you could just write on your total for the day. water intakeI love these! These are probably my favourite of the new stickers and are just £1.50 for 6 weeks of water tracking.

This is just a few of my new releases – check out the shop for everything else. I’m still able to do custom orders so if there’s something you’d like please drop me a message on Etsy. If there’s a sticker in general you think I should be making leave a comment below and I’ll add it to my ‘to design’ list.

To celebrate the fact that it’s *finally* pay day tomorrow for most of us I’ve got a little coupon code running until the 2nd March. Simply use PAYDAY10 on any order over £5 (excluding shipping) to receive 10% off. Happy shopping!

Em x

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