My Week #9

Four days off work this week and I had lots to do!

It was one of those weeks where I don’t really feel like I’ve actually had much time off because I was so busy… we went to London on Wednesday to see Ghost (who were amazing) and on Friday we went back up North to see my family. I wish I had Monday off to recover!

This week’s decorating theme was intended to match how I knew I’d feel – busy!

my week 9This definitely has more going on than usual but I quite like it! After the brightness of the previous week I wanted something a little more subtle in terms of colour and I really like this combo. The clothing and city washi is some of my favourite.. I really need to use it more in my layouts.

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Chocho and Mimi
Suzy Stick It
Little Blue Garden
The Reset Girl
Stick with me Shop
Once More With Love
Cute Things From Japan

Em x

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