My Week #12

I’m writing this in the middle of what is probably my first full Easter weekend off since I started work ten years ago.

It’s been a lovely long weekend. On the Friday the sun was shining so we went and sat in a local beer garden and had lunch (which I realise I haven’t put in my planner as I write this). On Saturday and Sunday (today) the weather was terrible so we stayed indoors and got crafty. I made new cards and stickers, Ed made some new 3d printed objects.

The colours this week were dictated by Easter and some more themed sample stickers from Once More With Love although I much prefer them to the previous week’s colours. I also go use out of a cute ‘weekend’ sticker from Chocho and Mimi which actually fits pretty nicely in my personal size week 12I love the pink and yellow. The cute checklists are from Sugarloop (haul post coming soon) and are perfect for my to dos each day. The meal planning didn’t go so well this week as we had pizza once but in our defence it was a nice bank holiday treat! The important bit is that no food went to waste so the meal we didn’t have this week we can just have Monday instead.

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Chocho and Mimi
Stick with me Shop
Once More With Love
Bubba Bear Studios

Em x

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