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Tutorial: Turning a calendar into planner dividers

Last year Ed bought me a very cool Sonic the Hedgehog calendar. I’ve loved Sonic for years and still play it now.

When I opened up the calendar and saw some of the cool images on it I knew I had to do something with the pages once the year was over and I had the perfect idea – dividers! As you’ll no doubt have realised, it’s now the end of March… yes it’s taken me three months to get around to making them. In my defence, it’s because I needed a laminator and I’ve only just gotten around to getting one…

While it’s not an overly tricky thing to do, I wanted to take you through the steps of making some for yourself, either with or without a Silhouette machine.

First thing you need to do is work out how big the dividers are going to be (what size planner you want them to fit) and how many you’re going to make. If you’re using a standard size calendar like me you’re going to be going for A5 dividers as the images are pretty huge. The pictures I liked the most were from the levels of the game and there were five of those so I was making five A5 sized dividers.  I already had a divider design saved on my computer for use with the Silhouette so I just updated that to have a smoother tab as the usual tab I use is quite pointy and wouldn’t be that easy to cut out once laminated.Sonic Calendar pages

If you haven’t got a Silhouette you just need to decide what size you want the dividers. I cut mine to 21 x 14.7cm which with the laminate around it, makes the total divider an ideal size for my Kikki K. Also, you need to work out what you want to do about your tabs. If you’re handcutting the dividers it may be easier to cut out a tab separately and place it on the divider before lamination.

Whether you’re using a Silhouette or not it’s a good idea to get a template of your divider, so you can work out where on the calendar or whatever it is you’re making into a divider will need to be cut. This is particularly helpful if using a Silhouette as you can make sure your paper is lined up properly on the cutting mat.IMG_7191As you can see the image is too big to fit everything on the divider but with this template I can work out the best divider design. I now draw a line on the left hand side and top of my template and those lines become my cutting out guide. If I place the newly cut page on the Silhouette mat correctly then my divider will cut out exactly how it’s shown above.

Next once you’ve cut out your dividers you run them through the laminator (adding in the tabs if you’re making them separately) and cut out. I then hole punch using a single hole punch – this is by far the best I’ve used and is an absolute bargain at under £2. IMG_7192And they’re all done! Sonic the hedgehog dividersAll I did to finish them off was use my trusty label maker to name each divider and they were ready to go in my pink Kikki K!Sonic planner dividers

I love how these have turned out and can’t wait to get them set up in my shop and blog planner (a set up post is coming soon!) and I’m now looking at other random things I can turn into dividers. The only thing I will say with this idea is that because calendar paper is generally quite thin, even after being laminated these aren’t the sturdiest dividers I’ve seen. I don’t know whether it’s the laminator I’m using? Any recommendations or tips, please leave them below!

Em x

Please note this post may contain affiliate links. These don’t add anything to the price of your shopping but may help me keep this little blog going. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Turning a calendar into planner dividers

  1. Love the idea! I kept old Sesame Street calendars, and I think now I know what to do with them! 🙂

    Btw, I still play Super Mario World (the 1992 version). Loved it as a kid, love it even more now.

    1. Aww Sesame Street dividers would be awesome! It’s great to recycle stuff like that and get them useful again! My bf has some Mario games for his Game Boy, he loves them!

  2. Great looking dividers! I love the idea of reusing calendars like that.
    As for the sturdiness, I don’t think it’s the laminator. You just have to use thicker paper. Maybe try sticking thin paper onto card? I usually print my dividers on 120gsm cardstock and then laminate them.

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