My Week #16

I’ve had such an unproductive week this week.

Half of my to do’s remain still to do. And that makes me twitchy. I also failed at meal planning this week which, due to changing plans ended up not being made. It does mean that most of those meals can roll over into next week and Monday’s food shop will be smaller, but it’s still annoying. I have however, really liked my decoration this week. This is down to the fact that I did a bit more decorating as I went along this week, adding in stickers as I go. Normally I just plan out my week on a Sunday and pretty much leave it. my week 16Keep an eye out tomorrow for my review of the Faber Castell pen you can see in the pen loop – I’ve been moving away from gel pens lately and back to fineliners.

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Chocho and Mimi
Once More With Love
Sugar Loop
Bubba Bear Studios
Emelys Planner Shop
Dream Big and Plan
Cosmic Stickers
Suzy Stick It


Em x

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