Lethbridgecards April new releases!

Another load of cute planner stickers for you this month!

Some more stickers from my ‘to make’ list this month, including a sheet of stickers that I made purely for me, but ended up listing them in the shop too.meal planning stickersYou’ll have no doubt seen these meal planner stickers all over my spreads if you read the blog or follow me on Instagram. I love the ‘fill fridge’ stickers too to put when I’ve got a food delivery arriving. dotted stickersI love dotted/dashed boxes as they’re great in any kind of spread – when stickers are full coloured boxes you can be limited to what you can use if you’ve only got colours that clash. I wanted some simple stickers that could pretty much go in any colour scheme or any kind of layout and these are them. I especially love the quarter boxes which are coloured, but not too strongly. kawaii cleaninglove these! I’ve been after making my own cleaning stickers for ages but couldn’t find the right images. I stumbled across these and snapped up the commercial licence so fast! I especially love the irons – they may actually make me do my ironing from time to time! pastel bannersI’ve been quite partial to using banner stickers in my planner lately and wanted to make some cute little ones perfect for personal size pages. They also come in a ‘bright’ set. pastel quarter boxI also tweaked my old coloured quarter box design and did a few new colour combinations – this one reminds me of summer!

Find all these stickers in my shop now here and feel free to drop me a message on Etsy if you’d like anything customised (or just want a custom colour).

Em x

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