My Week #19

I hate being ill! Largely because I hate not doing anything. I like to be busy all the time.

Unfortunately as I mentioned last week I’ve been pretty ill with a bug or something. This meant that the start of my week was very unproductive and I didn’t get nearly everything done that I wanted to, including my usual four blog posts last week.

I finally got around to decorating and planning out my week on Tuesday, two days later than I normally do it. I picked my favourite mix of colours – blue and weekI used a bit more stickers than normal this week, just to cover up all the white space where I didn’t get anything really done. I’m really starting to like my little pastel shape stickers to highlight things or write the odd to do. I might have to make myself some more of those. You’ll probably notice that there’s no weekly checklist sticker this week. That’s because I needed to make some more and just didn’t have any energy to at the start of the week so I went without. It was actually quite a good little exercise to see which of those tasks are habits and can now come off the checklist and so I’ll be reevaluating them before making more for this week.

Lethbridge Cards
London Graphic Centre
Bubba Bear Studios
Chocho and Mimi
Sugar Loop
Stick with me Shop

Em x

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