Lethbridgecards May new releases!

An exciting month this month with the release of my very first weekly kits!

I bought myself a new Erin Condren and set about whipping up some cute new designs. The first had to be a mint and gold collection as I love that colour combo! mint and gold 1I wanted to do a simple weekly kit first, so you’d have enough stickers to make a really pretty week, but leaving lots of white space for those that like to keep a bit of the pages clear. Most of the stickers are pretty obvious as to what they are although the half boxes are actually big enough to cover up the lined parts at the bottom as I don’t really personally use those extra lines. As someone who loves checklist stickers I also created a specific sticker to cover up the ‘thoughtful thought’ part of the week as I know a lot of people cover that up.IMG_7515Obviously I had to test it out on my planner first!

My second weekly kit was something a bit different, what I’m calling my ‘retro kit’. retro brights 1This has the same set of stickers, just in a much brighter colour way!

These kits are priced at just £4.75 and you can find them in the new section of the shop here!

I intend on expanding these kits into ‘full’ versions with 4 sheets in June. To see when they launch either favourite the shop or follow me on Instagram @lethbridgecards

This month I also started expanding on my colour ranges of some of my old favourites beginning with my ‘blog posts’ stickers: blog post pastelAs I was debating going back to using an Erin Condren I also made some cover up stickers to repurpose my old ECLP from last year to use for a few weeks to make my mind up and so created some new cover up sheets for the shop. calendar cover up

There’s full sheets of days of the week and just the numbers too for anyone that needs larger sizes here.

Finally, after a custom request I expanded my popular range of checklist stickers to be just the right size for the Happy Planner…happy planner pink checklistThere’s a range of colours here!

That’s it for this month! Hope you liked the new lines! Hopefully next month I’ll have some awesome new monthly kits to share!

Em x

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