Sephora Haul!

Thing number one that I wanted to do when I got to Venice was hit up Sephora!

I really don’t understand why we don’t have them over here but thankfully in Venice there’s two stores – a smaller one near the train station and the main one on the way to St Mark’s Square, opposite a department store called Coin (which also has beauty counters). The branded things aren’t any cheaper than the UK on the things I checked (mainly Urban Decay) but the Sephora range kept me going back.sephora haul 1I didn’t go too mad but this is the spoils from three separate trips (oops) plus a load of bath cubes which I haven’t seen anywhere in the UK before but even L’Occitane in Venice sold them. I can’t wait to try the sheet masks as I’ve been hearing good things about sheet masks in general and always like to try something new. I also picked up a nose strip, a sleeping mask and an under eye mask. Their mask range is pretty good and great value with four masks (mix and match with hand and foot masks too) for under 11 Euros. I loved the variety they had for different skin complaints.sephora haul 2The make up eraser again I’d heard of and decided to take the plunge and try it as I’m all for anything that stops me having to cover my face in lots of cleansers. The traceless hair rings are a little weird. For a start they do leave a trace in your hair after use but not as much as a traditional bobble. When using them though I do feel like I’m going to break them all the time and taking them out of my hair isn’t as straightforward as just pulling it. I picked up the exfoliating face disk as I’m becoming more aware of how many blocked pores I have at the moment (despite exfoliating regularly) and wanted to give this a try when I’m using traditional cleansers.

I also picked up a little vial of their mango perfume – their scented body range is fantastic and has a really strong scentse. They do a range of I think maybe 8 scents and for each scent they do everything from bath cubes to perfume and hand cream. The mango and vanilla ones are definitely personal favourites.

Finally I picked up two eyeliners but I’m going to save them for proper reviews – I picked up a black liquid fingertip eyeliner where you literally put your finger in the lid of the eyeliner to apply it (I was intrigued to see if it would help me apply eyeliner better). I also bought a chubby eyeliner in a lovely metallic purple which is apparently waterproof. I’m yet to find a chubby eyeliner that really is waterproof so I’m hoping this one delivers.

I think this was quite reasonable for me. Had the brands I can get here been any cheaper I think I would have loaded up with a lot more stuff! When you go on holiday are there any things you always pick up from Sephora? Let me know in the comments below!

Em x

7 thoughts on “Sephora Haul!

  1. I soooo wish we had Sephora in the UK. There’s never any wherever I go on holiday either. Have you ever tried invisibobble hair bands. Similar to these but don’t snag or leave dents in the hair x

    1. Oh no! That is the first thing I scope out when looking at holiday destinations! These are the Invisibobble brand I do believe? I’m getting used to using them a bit more now x

      1. Oh really? Aah that’s disappointing as I usually find invisibobbles are good. Haha I never seen to stumble across a Sephora when I’m away. I need to start choosing places that have one😀 x

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