My Week #25

Back to a normal posting schedule now that I’m done holidaying (boo).

It’s been an awesome couple of weeks off work and with the spare days I had after I got back from holiday I got lots of new stickers for the shop made. It gave me a taste of what working for myself would be like (and I loved it).

Anyway, back to this weeks decoration and it started off pretty but got kind of messy thanks to my handwriting! I’m yet to find a pen I can really consistently write nicely with in this planner and it really bugs me! Hopefully next week will be neater! my week 25I love the happy pink layout this week. It’s just a shame this week turned out to not be all that happy for a lot of us in the UK (but I’ll refrain from going into a long rant here).

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Chocho and Mimi
Stick with me Shop
Once More With Love
Suzy Stick It
Linou’s Pots
Emelys Planner Shop

Em x

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